Meine Projekte in Russland sind zu ende und ich bin auf der Suche nach neuen auch in Deutschland. Hier veröffentliche ich mein Lebenslauf in klassischer Form. Ich bin auf der suche nach beruflichen Herausforderungen, new knowledge, best practice, innovativen Problemlösungen, Investoren für 3D Worldplanet.com und Projekte für anspruchsvolle Webapplikationen. Weiter finden Sie mein Lebenslauf. Es ist strukturiert nach Beschäftigung, Kenntnissen und aus meiner Sicht interessanten Projekten.

Im Moment existiert es nur in Englisch.


  • Name: Vladislav Vorobiev
  • Birthday: 13 September 1980 in Moscow
  • Skype: bouillonjackson


  • 09.2008 Dipl.-Ing. Electrical engineerin, faculty of information engineering
  • 06.2002 IT-System electronic

10/2013 - 03/2015, Head of IT by OAO NCRC http://www.ncrc.ru/en (Moscow, Russia)


  • Integration of ERP (Project, doc-flow ect.)
  • Process optimization inside the company
  • Assistance in the launch of the IT infrastructure of the resort in 2014 http://arhyz-resort.ru/

Job issues:

  • Managing of growing distributed IT infrastructure
  • Planning of failsafe IT projects
  • Execution tenders and purchasing processes
  • Negotiating with suppliers, quality control
  • Responsibilities for the IT Budget (millions of rub.)
  • Managing of a team of 15 person

05/2013, Co-Founder and Lead Developer of 3D Worldplanet Project, OAO Creative Solutions http://www.3dworldplanet.com (Moscow, Russia)

Team management, web development, high available, server administration.

10/2011 - 10/2013, CTO, eTargeting http://en.etargeting.ru

  • Launch a Display platform targeting/retargeting (remarketing) - B2B
  • Launch a Affiliate Platforms - B2B
  • Launch a B2C Loyalty platform
  • Developed and launched Local Targeting (Geoservice based on MongoDB)
Job issues:
  • Leading projects and coordination of а team (developers, tech-support and designers)
  • Software development by using Grails, Groovy, Python and Java
  • Building of Highly Available infrastructure with several access providers
  • Integration of CND and Cache solutions
  • Developing and Hosting of high available services
  • Using clouds and VM's.
  • Organize the company communication and project management.
  • RESTful API Development for mobile devices iOS, Android and 1S (russian finance platform) integration with OAuth.
  • Security concept / integration.
  • Outsource management and negotiating with suppliers.

08/2008 - 03/2011, Software Developer and Web Administrator, positiv Multimedia GmbH http://www.positiv-multimedia.de

  • Launched over 30 Websites
  • Integrate HelpDesc,Bugtracker, CRM and Project management systems
  • Build hosting infrastructure from scratch

Job issues:

  • Team Leading
  • Software and websites development with HTML, JavaScript, XML, Python, zope, PHP, MySQL, Postgresql, ZODB
  • Server administration (Linux)
  • SEO
  • Monitoring and Testing (UNIT and Integration)
  • Responsible for IT-Security
2009 - 2010
  • Negotiation skills (seminar), Cologne, Germany
  • Leave and work in global oriented world (seminar), Cologne, Germany
  • International Project Management Across Borders (seminar), Cologne, Germany
  • English, Wall Street Institute, Cologne, Germany

2002 - 2009 University of Applied Sciences Cologne, Information Engineering / Electrical Engineering, Koeln, Germany http://www.fh-koeln.de

  • Detection of image regions and chars.
  • Classification with neuronal networks (SNNS and JavaNNS)

2005 - 2006 Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU), Moscow, Russia http://msu.ru/

  • Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetic (postgraduate training)

since 2002, self-employed, vavmaster

  • Software development Python, PHP, Grails/Groovy
  • Hosting and system administration (Linux clusters, Websites, DNS, Mail)
  • Web-Consulting
IT skills

Operation systems

  • Miscellaneous Linux/Unix based distribution as Debian/Ubuntu, openSUSE, FreeBSD

Programming and template languages

  • Python, Groovy, C, JavaScript, Java


  • Certificate and key management: openssl, gnupg
  • firewall tools like iptables
  • Diverse Sniffer-tools as wireshark, netcat, tcpdump et cetera
  • LDAP(openldap), Samba, Kerberos
  • Experience with protocols as SSL, SSH, IPSec

Relation databases

  • PostgreSQL, MySQL

NoSQL databases

  • ZODB, MongoDB, CouchDB, Cassandra Db

High Available, Web, Cache, Proxys and Load-balancer

  • Apache, lighttpd, Nginx, Varnish, Pound, HA-Proxy, Heartbeat
  • Dell Blades: IDRAC, CMS, Network Aggregation (DELL and Linux Bonding drivers)

Network software and protocols

  • Network aggregation (Cisco/Dell + bonding on linux)
  • DNS (with Bind)
  • LDAP (openldap)
  • Network monitoring: Nagios, Munin,
  • Mail-Transport and MTA's like Exim with Spamassassin
  • Routing, DNS, TCP, IP v4, RPC, HTTP, SSL, FTP, POP, SMTP, IMAP

Web software development

  • Frameworks: pyramid, Grails/Groovy, Zope2, grok, repoze.bfg, bluebream (Zope3),
  • GUI Framework JQuery UI, like GWT, KSS, Prototype


  • Experience with open source online-shops
  • Self developed e-commerce solutions
  • Understanding of E-Commerce processes. Integration of existing ERP- and CRM systems with the E-Commerce processes. Binding of Credit Cards and E-Pay-Systems like PayPal
  • See also retargeting in Marketing chapter.

Online Marketing, Social Media und SEO

  • SEO with Google, Yandex and there tools Google-Analytics, Google Webmaster- Tools, Yandex.Webmaster
  • SEO optimization for german, english and russian languages
  • Social Media experience and API's fo z.B. Facebook, Twitter
  • Using API's of Yatego, Preisroboter, Idealo, Amazon, Yandex, Google

Targeting and retargeting technology

  • Developing and consulting of retargeting solutions
  • Integration of third party regretting technologies
  • Creating of creatives/dynamic banners for different advertiser networks (Action Script 2.0)


  • Visualization with Docker, LXC, KVM, QEMU, virtlib
  • Diverse Open Source Software as Redmine, openerp, Vtiger, Todoyou, Karl, Bugzilla ect.
  • Software tests (Unit tests, Integrations tests), UML, Action Script 2.0 (Banner for retargeting networks)
Non IT skills in Management
  • Project organization, staffing, leading and controlling.
  • Experience in leading of international miscellaneous developer (russian, german, french), designer, IT and manager team about 15 persons.

Personal skills

  • Working safety-conscious and responsible
  • Organizing the time depending on the priorities
  • Working under pressure
  • Working in groups
  • Driving license and own car


  • russian - native language
  • german - native language
  • english - fluent
Some interesting customer and own projects open source based
  • Last own fun/commerce project http://www.3dworldplanet.com
  • Large scalable GIS application geoserver (WMS), pyramid 1.4, Postgres, PostGIS.
  • Linux, btrfs, distributed architecture.
  • Development of e-commerce platform based on Grails/Groovy with XML-REST API to 1S(1С), with XML parser for products. Usage of OAuth2.0.
  • Developed a solution for parsing + error correction in very big XML files. The solution include a GUI.
  • Developed of High Loaded and High Available content delivery solution for mostly for image generation on the fly in ad banners. (zope3, Bonding, HA-Proxy, Heartbeat).
  • Development of integration libraries for Openimmo - the standard for the data communication in real estate.
  • Development of interfaces for data exchange with popular services Immoscout24 and Immowelt.
2009 - 2010
  • Design and develop of hight frequency visits multimedia-portals for sports industry.
  • XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Zope2, zope, MySQL, Nginx, Varnish-Cache, Mail-Server, PHP, iPhone API interface, Firewall.
  • Plan and develop online-shop's for cosmetic industry MySQL, Zope2, ZODB, Python.

2008 – 2010

  • Framework development in Python. Component architecture, with UNIT and integration tests. Designed for a rapid development of applications.
  • Features: LDAP-Authentification, user and groups. BTree - Object containers. Automatic generation and validation HTML-forms
  • Create of some Web-sites on the top of framework


  • Diploma: detection of image regions and chars.
  • Write in C. Classification with neuronal networks (SNNS and JavaNNS)


  • Setup and support of hosting-system based on open source software Exim, iptables, Nginx, HA-Proxy, Varnisch, Bind, Apache, Munin, vsftpd, slapd, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Nagios

2004 bis 2008

  • Developed on social network services with member groups, photos, music, videos, blogs, web-radios, google maps-integration, comments, notes and forums.
  • XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Linux, Zope2, ZODB, Python, C, Apache, Pound, Nginx, MySQL, ImageMagic, flvtool, ffmpeg, lame, geoip. Mail-Server, Video-Hosting.

2005 - 2006

  • User-Portal with Yellow Pages functionality.
  • XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Linux, Zope2, MySQL, Nginx.